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Thanks to the massive support and generous donations, clinical trials started in January 2016 at Uppsala University in Sweden where extensive research into NETs is carried out. We will keep you posted on any progress as we hear from them.


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No events planned at the moment but if you have any ideas then please contact us. We will continue to update as events get planned so keep checking for further info.

About Lets Beat NETs


NETs stands for Neuro Endocrine Tumours - a rare form of cancer. The Charity was founded in November 2012 to help raise awareness and vital funds for research into this rare condition as sadly there is currently no cure for this type of cancer. NETs are found in various parts of the body and so symptoms vary - sometimes they are hardly noticeable and often accounted for by other things. If diagnosed very early, surgery to remove the tumours is often possible but in the majority of cases, diagnosis is often at a later stage where spread is detected and for many, only palliative treatment is possible.


As the condition - and diagnosis - is relatively rare, research and associated funding can be difficult - but still there are thousands and thousands of people affected by this disease across the globe.


The Lets Beat NETs Charity is currently helping to raise funds for some promising research being carried out in Sweden. The research team in Sweden have now reached its inital target to ensure it can progress further (it was going to be shelved!!). The next stage is to get through the process to allow it to go to human clinical trial. However, as funding is so difficult, this is just the first step and so every little we continue to raise will all help. And along the way, the more people we raise awareness of this disease so it can be spotted earlier and also so we can learn more, the better!


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