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Inspired by a number of people who are giving their time to try and raise the awareness of illnesses and raising funds that will make huge differences to individuals and their families, and ultimately save lives, I decided I had to do something to try and help. My family have been touched (or probably more accurately described as 'blown away') by a cancer that most people have never heard of ....NEURO ENDOCRINE TUMOURS, commonly referred to as NETs.


NETs are a rare form of cancer, sadly without any cure. If caught at an early stage, some can be removed surgically but more often than not, because they are difficult to diagnose and sometimes have no or few symptoms, they are not found until a much later stage when often they have spread to other parts of the body.  To find out more visit                             for some links


You can read                       for more details about how it has affected our family, but a few months ago we came across a chink of hope that, like all living things do, we are clinging on to...work towards treatment that means you can carry on LIVING your life by managing the condition.


As this form of  cancer is rare, it can be difficult to attract funding and I have been amazed at how  the efforts of  a handful of people have springloaded such a wonderful campaign to raise funds to accelerate the research being carried out in a Univeristy in Sweden. Read more



So taking a leaf out of their book, this is my own mini campaign to try and gather more attention and ultimately attract more funds to go towards the research.





PLEASE help me and my family with this campaign and together " Lets beat NETs....."

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      .......and time is ticking....


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A typical day in a typical family life:






but for my 5 children, this time is limited

because I have an 'untypical' cancer, without a typical cure


BUT there could be one, sitting on a shelf waiting for that 'untypical' funding

and if every person who had read my story had donated something small,... even just £1...it could already be on its way to giving back many, many typical days to many, many typical families.


Please help, it really does make a difference!

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Sharon Heazle (was Perks)        

...no amount is too small...every £1 could make the difference...go on...donate £1 now and change someone's life...please.